Shares in the Trust began trading on 25 May 2018.

NAV: 103.9  as of December 2021

The Company announces its net asset value quarterly.

Ordinary Shares:



Premium Segment - LSE, Main Market


Shareholders should notify all changes of name and address in writing to the Registrars.

Shareholders may check details of their holdings, historical dividends, graphs and other data by accessing Please have your shareholder number, shown on your share certificate and dividend vouchers, to hand in order to access this information.

Share Price:

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Premium Management

Once substantially all of the proceeds of the First Issue have been committed, the Company intends to implement the Placing Programme; the Directors have authority to issue up to 100 million Ordinary Shares and/or C Shares following First Admission until the first AGM of the Company. Further details of which are contained within the Prospectus.

Discount Management

The Company may seek to address any significant discount to Net Asset Value at which its Ordinary Shares may be trading by purchasing its own Ordinary Shares in the market on an ad hoc basis. The Directors have the authority to make market purchases of up to 14.99% of the Ordinary Shares in issue on First Admission. Further details are contained within the Prospectus.