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The portfolio as of 26 September 2018:

    Boulby   CENIN   Port of Tilbury   Lower Road
Project   6.0 MW   4.0 MW   9 MW   10 MW
Location   Cleveland,
North Yorkshire
  Port of Tilbury,
% Owned by the Fund   100%   49%   100%   100%
Site Type   Industrial Mining   Renewable Generation   Industrial port facility   Front-of-meter
Status   Operational   Operational   Awaiting construction
start date
  Awaiting construction
start date
Commissioning   October 2017   February 2018   Q2 2019   Q2 2019
Battery provider   NEC   TESLA   TBC[1]   TBC[1]

[1] To be confirmed


The utility scale battery market is relatively nascent worldwide, and the Adviser has been able to identify attractive opportunities in markets including the UK, North America and North-West Europe. The Adviser is among the first entrants into the market by being one of the first commercial players to be involved with the installation and commissioning of a project in England through the facility at Boulby. As a result the Adviser has developed a market leading approach to investing in battery storage projects in the UK market and has built up a significant and wide-ranging contact base within the energy storage industry.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Although the projects comprising the Seed Portfolio utilise lithium-ion batteries and much of the pipeline of investments identified by the Company are also expected to utilise lithium-ion batteries, the Company is generally agnostic about which technoly it utilises in its energy storage projects. The Company does not presently see any energy storage technology which is a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries. However, there are a number of technologies which are being researched which if successfully commercialised, could prove over time more favourable and the Company will closely monitor such developing technologies.